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20 Aug Forever young

Scientists have just discovered a protein responsible for ageing. We are talking about DOT1L. Science and translation are very linked, so medical translation and pharmaceutical translation are sidelong glancing at it.

A rare disease called progeria is a genetic disorder wherein symptoms resembling aspects of ageing are manifested at a very early age. This genetic disorder is mainly produced by the DOT1L protein, which alters patient’s cells and gens making him/her look much older than he/she really is. Science is hardly analysing how to control it: as inflammation destroys cells, reprogramming cells is the key. Pharmaceutical translation will play a very important role for healing the effects of ageing.

Progress is advancing fast. A new drug – which will be launched soon for curing progeria – has already been tested with humans offering good results. A researching team in Spain and USA have recently discovered how to revert accelerated ageing, so English and Spanish pharmaceutical translation is essential. As soon as the new drug is released into the market, skilled pharmaceutical translators will be required.

Good news: many mechanism of this senescence are shared between progeria patients and healthy elderly people, that means science can take the most by using such information for other purposes. For example, a healthy man in his eighties has a lot of genetic information in common with a 13-years-old patient suffering from progeria. What does it means? Science opens a new way as it will study how to apply medicine to healthy old people and will research other uses for this new drug. Which also means the need of a high-quality pharmaceutical translation.

Is eternal youth getting closer? Medicine rejects this utopia, and it is not even looking for that. It is just aiming to stop general ageing effects. Worldwide pharmaceutical translation will be soon needed for saving many lives, but also for alleviating pain in progeria patients and elderly people.

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