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Medical abbreviations are essential to a translator’s life
Abbreviations are rife in medical texts. Some, such as DNA, are universally known and more common than their expanded forms. Others, such as CI (confidence interval) fall into a grey area. Widespread use of such abbreviations in English means they have been adopted in other languages too, particularly in the medical field. Out-of-English translators are then faced with a dilemma: should they translate commonly-understood English abbreviations or follow the practice of medical writers in their language and keep them in English?
veterinary translator
When does a veterinary need a professional translation?
Veterinary science is an extremely important and specific field within the translation industry and non-specialised translators will find it hard to provide accurate, high quality services. This is because of the different specific environments in which the members of this industry operate. Furthermore, the terminology used in this field means there is a need for accuracy and quality when providing translation services.
medical translator
Three facts to be aware of when you need a medical translator
You might be managing clinical research and need to translate a questionnaire about drug outcomes into other languages. This is just one example of the many situations in which people need professional, high-quality translations. In this article we give you three facts about medicine and medical translators.
medical translation
What will medical translation look like in 2021?
Historically, translation and medicine have gone hand in hand. A brief look at history reveals that medical translation has existed since the oldest forms of cuneiform writing on clay tablets in Ancient Mesopotamia. But... what will medical translation look like in 2021?
medical prospect
The benefits of translating medications prospect
When you have a headache, you probably take some pills that help you to stop it. If so, we are quite sure that sometimes you keep an eye into the medication prospect in order to avoid taking the wrong pill. In this case, the role of medical translators is quite relevant.
This is why Covid-19 is the biggest worldwide medical translation project
The coronavirus outbreak has affected every aspect of life, to such an extent that nobody truly knows if things can ever return to the way they were. The Covid-19 outbreak has forced countries around the world to adopt isolationist policies in a bid to curb the spread of the virus and protect the native population. Yet, even as nations were closing their borders to outside visitors, medical experts and scientists from around the globe united under a common goal.
What is the role of English language in Medicine?
To be a great doctor, you need to be an exceptional communicator who can convey complex messages clearly to your patients and colleagues. Thus, it is essential for doctors to be extraordinarily adept at languages, especially English. But the problem appears when the doctor doesn’t have enough knowledge of English. That’s why medical translation is important.
medical translation
The importance of books in medical translation
Even in our highly digital world, books still have pride of place on our desks and bookshelves. We certainly wouldn’t be without them! Here’s a selection of our favourite dictionaries and books on medical translation and writing. Reading is such important for translators, so... take this recommendations into account!