medical translation
Why trust a medical translation agency?
One mistake can change everything. If we are also talking about a medical translation, then special care must be taken. It’s your health that is at stake. Therefore, it is not worth the risk and the best option is to rely on translators who are familiar with medical terminology and who know how to deal with these texts. In this article we advise you on what factors to take into account when hiring a service of this type. Don't leave your medical translations to chance and read on.
Are medical interpreters necessary in hospitals?
Language remains a barrier in many fields, but especially in the medical field. This situation raises the question of whether the role of medical interpreters is important in hospitals and health centres. The truth is that it is.
clinical trial translations
Everything you need to know about clinical trial translations
In the world of medicine, there is one thing that cannot be forgotten: clinical trials. It is thanks to clinical trials that medical research is able to make progress. But this does not only happen in a specific country: the translation of clinical trials allows medical researchers from other parts of the world to contribute to medical research. In this article we will tell you everything you need to know about translating clinical trials.
What is medical software translation?
In most cases, medical software will be considered a medical device in itself and as such must be subject to the same regulations as medical devices. Therefore, according to Directive 2007/47/EC, if the software is classified as a medical device, the language requirements included in MDD 93/42/EEC apply. So the translation of medical software is more than necessary.
Pharmaceutical translation helps bring medicines to market

Advances in research have made it possible for the population to overcome diseases that 50 years ago would have killed people. Thanks to medicines and vaccines, diseases such as tetanus and chickenpox can be survived. Pharmaceutical translation has a lot to do with this. Without...

Why localisation matters in medicine
You may have heard of the term localisation in medicine or medical localisation. It is one of the most demanded specialties in the world of translation. Today we want to tell you why medical localisation is important.
What makes the perfect medical translator?
One of the most specialised translation jobs is medical translation. In order to perform it, it’s essential to hire the services of a professional medical translator, but sometimes they are hard to find. So where can you find the perfect medical translator for your projects? You can find the most suitable professionals for the job in a medical translation agency like Okomeds.