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29 Apr 5 essentials for a healthcare website

People visit healthcare websites more and more frequently, which is really good as information is more accessible, but not all the information is true. So, it is also essential to know what information can be trusted and what not. When surfing on the Internet, you should take into account some facts that are essential before contrasting its contained information.

How to identify a trustable healthcare website

Proofs of quality

Verify if the healthcare website has any certification, award or recognition of quality endorsed by any official institution. Additionally, references on the website are very important, so double check external links and any other mention – they all define a trustable healthcare website as quality is a value.

Information expires

You may find a very useful blog or some very practical news, but always check the publication date. An updated information is much more reliable as information also expires. Medicine progresses quickly and many data are left behind.

Appearances are deceptive

Do not trust any information, you should always contrast it before using it. It does not matter if the healthcare website includes impressive pictures, has a very careful writing or uses a technical language. Obviously it helps, but the essential lays on what you can read.

Say goodbye to anonymity

The responsible must be indicated and identified clearly and visibly in any healthcare website. A contact person always give confidence to the reader of such medicine-related website. If not, who would you ask to when having any question?

Do not forget about doctors

Internet is just a tool and a resource; a healthcare website can be useful, but do not forget about doctors and other medical specialists.

So, pay careful attention to what you find on the Internet. Tons of information can be found all over the net, so it seems essential to identify a trustable and reliable healthcare website.


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