Why does medical insurance translation matter?


15 Jul Why does medical insurance translation matter?

Nobody enjoys paperwork, but medical insurance claims are a fundamental part of any healthcare system. If patients don’t want to pay out of pocket, and medical providers want to receive swift payment, it’s important that everyone works together to properly file these forms.

What is a medical insurance claim form?

Medical insurance claim forms are necessary when a patient needs to request reimbursement or direct payment for any medical services they’ve obtained. Basically, they are of the utmost importance for making sure medical service providers get paid. For these payments to be received from the insurance companies, either the patient or the provider must submit the proper medical insurance claims.

There are two options for submitting a medical insurance claim. The first option is generally the most convenient. The medical services provider will directly submit the claim to the insurance company electronically on behalf of the patient. Another option is for patients to personally fill out a health insurance claim form and send in the paperwork.

What information do they contain?

Generally, medical insurance claim forms will include the following information. To start, the insurance policy number, group plan number, or member number is very important as it is required for identification purposes. Also important is identifying if the recipient of the services is the primary insured member or a dependent. Dependents are generally the children, spouses, or domestic partners of the primary insurance holder. The form may also clarify whether this policy is a form of co-insurance or offers dual coverage. The reason for the visit will be noted as well.

The importance of translating medical insurance claims

The stakes are high when it comes to the translation of medical insurance claims. If a claim form is not in the native language of the claimant, there is always the possibility of misrepresentation on the insured’s part. Or potentially, misunderstanding on the insurance company’s part. Claim forms can be considered critical documents for health coverage access. Not providing claim forms translated into different languages can limit the ability of those who do not speak the language well to properly complete their forms for claim processing. Mistakes can be made, and misunderstandings can occur. Once the claim is filled out by the claimant, the insurance company could require translation services to process it properly.

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