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Medical documents you may need to translate
A medical translation is a type of scientific-technical translation. This type of translation is one of the most in demand and relates to various field of knowledge, such as mathematics, physics, engineering and computer translations.
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How medical translation can help during COVID-19
Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) is a virus that first appeared in China in 2019. The virus belongs to the family of coronaviruses which mainly affect certain mammals or birds and normally only cause mild colds in humans. However, viruses can change (mutate) and adapt to new circumstances. Experts try to predict mutations in the normal flu viruses and begin to develop vaccines before the new flu season that protect against the most likely changes. So how can medical translation help during this pandemic?
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The importance of medical translation around the world
As the world shrinks thanks to developments in technology and greater availability of low cost travel options, the world is as small as it has ever been. Within the healthcare and medical industry, this shrinking has created a number of opportunities for people to now receive medical care and treatment in other countries.
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The qualities of a good medical translator
Translation is important in any situation in life. If you can understand how your new TV works, it is because of a technical translator. If you feel sick in a foreign country and can understand the leaflet in the pack of pills you have bought from the pharmacy, that’s probably because of a medical translator. Given the importance of these translators, let us tell you about the main qualities of a good medical translator. Because hiring the best professionals is a must for medicine.
iolanda traductor medico
“This job forces you to acquire new knowledge all the time”

Today, we are interviewing Iolanda, an Okomeds medical translator who is giving us some insights about her job. 1.What is the most difficult problem that you have ever met in a medical translation? I recently translated a very detailed document about computed tomography techniques and it was quite hard,...

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The main difficulties when translating clinical trials are deadlines

Okomeds is your preferred specialised translation agency for your needs in life sciences translation. Accurate and global. We talk to members of our team about translating clinical trials, who give us insights about their daily challenges and discoveries. 1. What are the major difficulties in translating...

jenna medical translator
“I love that I get to learn new things every day”

Today, we are interviewing Jenna, an Okomeds medical translator who is giving us some insights about her job. 1. What is the most difficult problem that you have ever met in a medical translation? Abbreviations are always tricky, but they are a particular concern in medical translations where they...