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Both private businesses and public organizations in the medical and health field need to adapt to the regulations and requirements of the different local markets, therefore the accuracy of the local language in your documents is of vital importance. Okomeds will provide optimal quality, efficient medicine translation services to private businesses, so that your new products can successfully reach all countries around the world. In terms of public enterprises, Okomeds helps you with translations of medical reports of office visits, translations of analysis results, medical translation and interpretation in healthcare centers, training courses and seminars, etc.

In addition, thanks to medicine translation, businesses in the health sector can meet some very strict standards and provide proper documentation in different local languages. To meet this challenge, Okomeds will translate all your product information and marketing products as well as adapt the language of your products to the regulatory requirements of each country.

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Okomeds is a specialized team that is a part of the Okodia Group. We offer the best quality in the fields of medical translation and pharmaceutical translation as we have demonstrated in recent years.


The medical and pharmaceutical sector is highly regulated and its degree of specialization requires precise solutions with maximum quality. To meet this challenge, our team is made up of more than 150 certified professional translators who are specialized in the medical and pharmaceutical sector, native speakers of the target language and backed by a team of physicians and biomedical engineers. In addition, we use professional specialized interpreters, localization engineers and other qualified professionals around the world, coordinated by our project managers who will help them with all their linguistic needs.

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– Structure and logistical support with the Okodia Group guarantee to provide you with outstanding service in medical translation.

– The development of some Standard Operating Procedures designed exclusively for biomedical and pharmaceutical translation.

– The use of the same translation team over time to ensure an accurate understanding of your preferences and your products.

– Specialized project managers who are in charge of managing linguistic queries, terminology and style guides, ensuring that the translations are 100% accurate.

– Utilisation of the latest, up-to-date linguistic tools to ensure consistency in terminology, language coherence and overall efficiency in your present and future translations.

– Delivery of your work on time and within the indicated budget with optimal quality.

– Knowledge of the project status at all times.

-Customized service and flexibility to be able to suit your needs.

– Global solutions with a quality/price ratio that will exceed your expectations, providing access to the global market in accordance with specific local regulations using precise and professional language.

Medical Translators at your Disposal

– the best professionals around the world, specialized in different medical fields

– translations of medical contracts and legal information, translations of reports and case studies, and translations of business documents

– the latest, most up-to-date translation tools to improve efficiency, reduce costs and promote competitiveness in medical translations

– with the guarantee offered by Okodia translation group and its Standard Operating Procedures, exclusively designed for medical translation

Our Most Demanded Working languages

English – French – Spanish – Italian – Portuguese – Catalan – German – Dutch – Estonian – Lithuanian – Latvian – Irish – Japanese – Russian – Polish – Arabic – Chinese – Slovak – Slovenian – Czech – Croatian – Romanian – Hungarian – Turkish – Hebrew – Greek – Maltese – Serbian – Ukrainian – Belarusian – Bulgarian – Euskera – Galician – Latin – Esperanto – Danish – Swedish – Norwegian – Icelandic – Finnish – Persian – Urdu – Thai – Guarani – Quechua – Aymara – Tagalog

Specialty Sectors

Anesthesia – Biostatistics – Cardiology – Intensive Care – Odontology – Diagnostics – Electrodiagnostics – Endoscopy – Endocrinology – General Medicine – Prosthesis – Toxicology – Oncology – Endocrinology – Urology – Ophthalmology – Otorhinolaryngology – Gynaecology – Devices

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