How to find a medical translator?


medical translator

17 Jul How to find a medical translator?

Finding a good medical translator is easy if you know where to look. Here’s how to find the right translator for your project.

Do you need a professional translator?

If you decide you need a professional medical translator, you can ask your fellow practitioners for recommendations or use online directories and search engines to find the right provider.

One of the best ways to find a good translator is to ask your colleagues if they can recommendsomeone. If they are happy with their translations, you probably will be too. Most of our customers at Okomeds come to us through recommendations from hospitals, doctors or researchers that have used our services.

Alternatively, if you are already working with a translator in one language but you now need another language, you could ask them to recommend one of their colleagues. You could alsoask our medical translation agency to provide you with another medical translator for your projects.

The translation community is small and close-knit, so they probably know someone who could do the job.

Using search engines to find a medical translator

Professional translation agencies like Okomeds have websites with details abouttheir services. This makes it fairly simple to find a range of translators, as long as you use the right search terms. When searching, include both your language and the language you need the translation in and the words ‘medical translator’.

Professional translation association directories

Translation directories are another excellent place to find medical translators. Professional associations of translators and interpreters offer online directories of their members, which you can use free of charge to find a suitable provider.

Nevertheless, we strongly recommend that you use the services of a medical translation company. Okomeds is the perfect partner and we can help ensure that your internationalisation process is profitable. Not only we can help you with the translation, we canalso help with our interpreting services provided by certified medical interpreters.


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