How to choose the right medical translation agency


medical translation agency

15 Mar How to choose the right medical translation agency

Other translation services may be just as difficult, but no translation service is more important than medical translation services. Okomeds explains how you can choose the right translation agency.

Clinical Trials

Drug testing and trials rely on the accurate recording of data. If this data is all in one place, and there is consistency across the records and measurement, then the data quality may be high. However, these days many drug trials are spread out across different locations around the world.

Like a detective, they must be able to decipher local differences looking for clues in patient records and reports to ensure they understand the true meaning of what is being described. They must work from a glossary of terms to decipherthis code and try to record it accurately, so their translation is consistent.

Patents and IP Protection

A different, although equally important, skillset is required by medical translation services teams working with Patents. These medical translators must be subject matter experts as well as expert in the technicalities of patents. Medical translators must be able to describe technical drawings of medical devices in language so tight that teams of lawyers can’t find a way around them.

Labelling and Inserts

Medical translation services companies are the people who make sure the correct dosage is given on medicine labels. This may seem simple stuff and is something that many people take for granted, but it would prove disastrous if wrong.

Translated labels and instructions are read by doctors and clinicians. The instructions are read by patients too —including busy mothers who might be distracted and worried by their sick child. In the mother’s distracted state, she needs to read the label quickly. More importantly, she needs to read the label correctly.

Medical Research Papers

Medical translators translate research papers into multiple languages so knowledge can travel round the world, potentially changing the lives of millions of people. The language the translators choose is what gets lodged into the brains of scientists to be used, added to and improved upon as they create life-changing treatments and cures for disease.

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