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Medical translation services

You may have wondered about the different disciplines of translation. There are many types of professional translation, including certified medical translation. Medical translation is one of the professional fields in which the work of a professional translator who is an expert in translating medical articles is most needed.

Why do I need a medical translation service?

Medicine encompasses innumerable fields and disciplines that are closely related to each other.

Medical translation involves the translation of various types of documents, such as healthcare training materials, medical devices or pharmaceutical fields, marketing, clinical, regulatory and technical documentation.

Many physicians engage the services of medical translators for their patient records, prescriptions, medical history and diagnoses written in another language.

Moreover, medical translation is not just about working with doctors, as there are several other areas where it is needed. For example, in labels related to pharmaceuticals and medical devices sold locally to translate them into the language they commonly use, translation of medical text is very important for clinical trials so that patients, local doctors and representatives of regulatory organisations can understand them.

Types of healthcare translation

When medical translation services are required, it is because a translation may be needed for different types of documents such as medical reports, prescriptions, leaflets, instructions for use of medical devices, clinical trial reports, articles in specialised supplements of medical journals, advertisements in the media, patient informed consents, medical records, specialised textbooks, software and installation manuals for hospital equipment, patents… but it is also likely to require certified medical translations, which are those that must be submitted to the competent authority in order to accredit the validity of a medical document in another language.

Furthermore, when translating, the target audience must also be taken into account because the register and style vary depending on the recipient, as the text is not the same if it is addressed to a doctor as it is to a patient.

However, there are several factors such as truthfulness of information, precision, thoroughness, accuracy and fidelity that are common in this type of translation. Considering that medical texts belong to the branch of scientific texts, the translation must be objective and there must be no room for ambiguity.

Requirements for medical translation services


Medical translation is highly specialised and needs more attention, such as subject matter expertise in order to accurately translate various documents, from labels to brochures, medical journals to patient magazines, training materials and patents.

Because medical texts primarily involve the lives of patients, there must be a strong focus on the quality of the translation of medical articles. The global medical industry is highly regulated. Companies that need to translate their medical documentation often choose medical translation agencies.

Therefore, the medical translation service covers such a broad sector that a translator, no matter how specialised and trained, will never be able to achieve, just as it is impossible for a doctor to be able to specialise in all fields that pertain to medicine. It is therefore essential that a professional medical translator knows the subject matter and, if necessary, spends time on documentation and research and makes use of the dictionaries he or she needs. Much of the terminology found in the field of medicine comes from Latin and Greek terms and some others are terms that have been coined in recent times.

Medicine is a field that is constantly growing due to new discoveries, so the translator has to be aware of this new terminology as well as the advances.

It is essential for a medical translator to be vocational and to have a good translation training in order to be able to consult parallel texts, dictionaries and other reference materials, although knowledge of the source language and the target language is not enough in most cases to translate this kind of text, but prior knowledge of the subject matter is required.

Medical translation service vs interpretation services


Both medical translation and interpreting require specific qualifications and knowledge: most language specialists handle medical data and confidential information that could influence people’s health.

However, the two professions are very different. Translators work with medical documents, article journals, research, study protocols and other written content needed in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry.

They may read the text as many times as they need to, use dictionaries, do additional research to find the correct terminology and edit the translated content.

Interpreters, on the other hand, translate on the spot and can only rely on their memory and skills to facilitate communication between patients and healthcare providers.

In an industry where even the smallest error can put a person’s life at risk, medical interpreters must find their words quickly, without dictionaries, glossaries of terms or CAT tools.

Interpreters are often forced to switch between tasks in a matter of seconds. They listen in one language, memorise, translate and speak in a different language. This job requires a deep understanding of the cultural dimension of both languages. You will also need empathy, excellent communication skills and extreme attention to detail.

The medical translation process

Not all translators have the task of translating medical documents. The professional, in addition to excellent language skills, must have knowledge of the subject matter and receive specific training. This is not surprising given the fact that medical texts are regulated. Moreover, they are highly sensitive and technical in nature.

The medical translation process involves many steps. It usually starts with the extraction of the text from the source or original document. The text would then be converted into the target language.

After the text has been translated, an editor will check it to make sure that the translator followed the medical terms and meaning according to the medical terminology approved by the client or the medical or pharmaceutical industry, for example.

Medical translation services offered by Okomeds

Okomeds is the medical translation department specialising in certified medical translations, health and life sciences at Okodia – Translation services.


At our certified medical translation agency, which specialises in the different branches of medicine for your medical texts, we have a large professional team of medical translators with the aim of providing you with the highest quality medical translations, including the following possibilities:


  • PHARMACEUTICAL TRANSLATIONS  This field is usually considered a very specific branch within medical translation. In this regard, before, during and after a drug is launched on the market, the pharmaceutical company must complete and deliver a large number of medical documents, certified medical translation and other technical and medical documentation written in multiple languages.
  • CRO TRANSLATIONS – For several decades, CROs – Contract Research Organisations – have been providing clinical research services to the pharmaceutical industry and also to the biotechnology industry by conducting large and numerous clinical trials within the medical sector. These clinical research projects are essential to ensure the quality of human life and almost always need to be translated into other languages by specialised medical translators.
  • MEDICAL SOFTWARE TRANSLATION  At Okomeds we have the necessary resources for the localisation and translation of medical software, and for the adaptation of concepts to create a fluid and understandable communication. Thanks to our use of text extraction and integration tools, we reduce your costs and improve quality.
  • MEDICAL WEBSITE TRANSLATION Having a website in different languages helps you interact with more potential customers. At Okomeds, we offer a medical website translation service. Thanks to our specialisation in this field, we can help you convey the messages you really want to get across to users all over the world. Find out about all the services we have available, and expand your business limits to infinity.
  • MEDICAL INTERPRETINGAn interpreter specialised in the field will facilitate communication with your client, partner… In a natural and understandable way for both parties.
  • MEDICAL TRANSCRIPTIONMedical transcription is the way in which a doctor communicates with other health personnel to advise them on the state of health and treatment of a patient. A voice recording device is used to record information about the patient encounter, which will be the working tool of the medical transcriptionist, responsible for transcribing this confidential patient information.
  • VETERINARY TRANSLATIONThe veterinary translator deals with the inspection and sanitary control of food and the prevention of zoonosis. Thus, veterinary translation focuses on the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of animal diseases.


Okomeds Translation Company is your translation department specialising in what matters most: health and medicine. Our professional team of medical translators is looking forward to working on your project.



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