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How medical translation can help during COVID-19
Covid-19 (Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2) is a virus that first appeared in China in 2019. The virus belongs to the family of coronaviruses which mainly affect certain mammals or birds and normally only cause mild colds in humans. However, viruses can change (mutate) and adapt to new circumstances. Experts try to predict mutations in the normal flu viruses and begin to develop vaccines before the new flu season that protect against the most likely changes. So how can medical translation help during this pandemic?
medical translation
The importance of medical translation around the world
As the world shrinks thanks to developments in technology and greater availability of low cost travel options, the world is as small as it has ever been. Within the healthcare and medical industry, this shrinking has created a number of opportunities for people to now receive medical care and treatment in other countries.
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Three skills that every medical translator needs
What skills do professional translators really need to succeed? What skills do medical translators in particular need? Are translation skills enough, or are there other skill sets that are just as important if they want to succeed in the profession? Here are the skills that Okomeds has found to be the most important for these translators.
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Benefits of translating medications prospect
Medical translation and medical interpretation are key elements of academic, scientific and medical research.When you have a headache, you probably take some tablets to get rid of the pain. If you do take tablets, you will no doubt have read a medication package insert from time to time to make sure you are taking the medicine properly. In this case, the role of the medical translator is very important.
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The role of medical translation in pandemics like the Coronavirus
Medical translation and medical interpretation are key weapons in the academic, scientific and medical research battle against global pandemics such as the Coronavirus. Medical translation agencies such as Okomeds can provide translation services relating to information about this virus, how it is affecting the Chinese people and how medicine can prevent it from spreading.
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Why are back translations used in medicine?
You might not know what ‘back translation’ is and how it is used in medicine, but at some point you will undoubtedly have worked with a document that has undergone a back translation, for example in areas such as clinical trials, pharma documents and research study protocols. In short, a back translation allows you to compare the translation with the original text to check for quality and accuracy, helping you to assess whether the meaning is the same in both the source and target texts. Back translations are used in many sectors but their main use is in medicine, typically being used by medical device companies and also pharmaceutical companies. If the content is of high value, it is often necessary to have a back translation.
medical translation
Challenges of medical translations
The success or failure of a medical translation always depends on how exact and accurate the terminology employed is, given the context, as well as the level of knowledge and understanding of the subject matter exhibited by the linguist and their awareness of what should or should not be translated.
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2 Top Types of Medical Translation

Medical translation is one of the most difficult translations services and the most requested. The medical industry operates worldwide, so it is understandable that it requires medical translation services, like Okomeds services, on a regular basis. As you can probably imagine, medical translation services are for medical professionals,...